Employee Selection and Recruiting through Social Networking Essay

Employee Selection and Recruiting through Social Networking Essay

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Social media seems to be the latest sensation among today's society. Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are dominating the internet domain. Social media includes various websites of different people's online profiles of information that they choose to share about themselves. It also connects people to each other through different streams of media such as videos, pictures, and commentary. According to Social Media Today, "seventy two percent of all internet users are now active on social media" (Romeri, 2014). Facebook has over one billion users and Instagram has over one hundred million active users (Romeri, 2014). These statistics exemplify the heavy usage of social media that is being done by our culture. Therefore, it is important to recognize the impact that social media carries upon our communities and how it affects different aspects of everyday life. One aspect of life that social media is starting to impact is the job world. Thorough various pieces of research, it has been demonstrated that employers are now are using several different streams of social media in order to discover possible future employees. As a result, it is becoming more evident that social media influences the selection and recruiting process of employees in the workplace.
When social networking was first developed it was meant for people across the world to be able to connect to one another. Now, social networking is used for way more than people just communicating to each other. Social networking has transformed to revenue for several companies in terms of advertising, selling, and even distributing their products. Social networking has now even impacted the way some companies hire employees. There has been research...

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...y type of discrimination.

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