Screening Social Networks for Job Hiring

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People should embrace the practice of social network screening and use it to their advantage. People are now living in a technology-based age, making it only natural for the world of social media to be incorporated into an employers hiring process. A popular reason for not hiring a candidates after performing a social network screening was spelling and grammar errors in posts made online (Brown, V., & Vaughn, E., 2011, p.220), yet this can be easily fixed. Additionally, the internet allows people to demonstrate their skills as a candidate. For example, journalism students can take advantage of creating an online column, marketing students could created an enthralled blog, while art students could display their portfolios demonstrating their creativity and originality (Duffy, E. 2012). Social networking sites are a way to demonstrate ones skills before the interview process has begun. It enables people to impress potential employers by easily accessing a profile that shows the diversity of skills and talent on one page. This is the reasoning why the public simply needs to understand how to affectively present their profiles online. Furthermore, specific social networking sites were originated specifically to assist employers in the recruiting process. For instance, the predominance “of recruiters (93%) are using LinkedIn to discover talent. This is up from 87% in 2011 and 78% in 2010. Furthermore, 89% of recruiters have hired through LinkedIn” (Schawbel, D. 2012). Evidently, the internet has become a tool in the hiring process and continues to become a more influential asset when job-recruiting. In the foreseeable future, performing background checks on social networking sites to learn more about potential candidates will become c...

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