The Importance Of Social Media In The Workplace

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Roughly, five years ago social media was considered the way to stay connected with families and friends around the world. Social media tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn have grown rapidly throughout the years and can no longer be seen as a means to socialize. Social media is a platform that is not only used in every day as part of people’s personal lives, but many global businesses are beginning to use it. However, some businesses still view social media as a distraction, and they are skeptical as social media slowly moves into the workplace. Therefore, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn should be utilized in the workplace because they will provide an easy solution to develop workplace learning, can be used for employee engagement,…show more content…
Since online schooling is no longer the only thing being affected by using social media tools, today, businesses are also reaching out to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook as a means to enhance their employees learning capacity. For instance, some businesses are turning to sites like YouTube to learn new ideas about how new systems or programs may help their businesses be more successful. These social media sites are filled with “wonderful footage on every subject you can ever imagine” (Hart, 2015). Businesses can create step by step videos to help employees perform their job better, or even to teach customers how to use their product. While social sites like Facebook are tools used for communication and collaborative working that can help businesses and employees stay connected to potential customers around the world. Social media networks today are not just about letting people chat or interact with each other. Social media sites are becoming more about working smarter and how they can help people or employees communicate and learn from each other, which then leads to the success of individual…show more content…
The benefits of social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn will continue to be debated. Many studies and surveys were conducted in a company that employed more than 100 global informational workers. The study showed that their associates ' productivity had increased 46 % due to utilizing social media tools for communication and learning new ideas. (Nanji, 2013). In addition, to the 42% of employers who say that social media tools have resulted in more workplace collaboration. In fact, 34 % of agency employees still believed that their management underestimates the benefit of social media (Nanji, 2013). In White’s (2010) article, she indicates in a variety of global companies of informational workers whose companies provided Facebook access experience a 1.5 percent drop in employee productivity. All the same, with every new tool implemented into the workplace, there are risks and social media is no different. Companies that restrict social networking today have very few statistics that back their determination. Therefore, there is no question today that most organizations use social media as a collaboration tools for employees to collect data through internal and external communications. However, it is all about how an organization will deal with these changes, and the way they utilize social media in the workplace that will have an impact on learning and engaging

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