The Effects Of Drug Use On Children Essay

The Effects Of Drug Use On Children Essay

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School: a place parents once sent their children, knowing that they would be well taken care of and safe, is no longer a safe haven for all students. With the increase of criminal activity in our society, sadly it has penetrated our schools and becomes an increasing struggle and concern for school systems, parents, students, and their surrounding communities. It isn’t enough to have metal detectors and police in our schools, students and adults continue to penetrate our schools with drugs and weapons on, what feels like, a daily basis.
Drug use continues to be a problem with teenagers. Whether they get them from parents or friends, drugs are easily attainable for many students. Including within the school walls. As an educator, this year alone, I have watched several students get suspended for either possession with intent to sell or possession for personal use. This not only negatively effects the student, given that they will not be focused on schoolwork and run the risk of falling behind in one or more classes. This also effects the teaching and learning process because (in my experience) the student either causes a disruption in the classroom or is so “checked out” that they then sit and do nothing. This is a problem because it forces the teacher to have to stop the lesson and focus their attention on this one individual. With a possible disruption, there is a chance of spending time having to get the entire class back in line or having to contact the office to send the student out of class. Within that last situation, the administration is then called in. Once the administration is called in, the student and his/her decision making has left the classroom and now involved a member of the schools administration to...

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...lso positively effects their encounters with their teachers and administrators, because they are less likely to be in trouble in school. As more and more students improve their educational time and after school activities, the educational policies are apt to change from focusing more on the negative to transitioning to the positive. This also effects our legislators when they see that students and their schools are taking an active step to improve their environments, which could lead the legislators and the communities to approve spending more money on our schools and the needs of our students. Perhaps, as students learn to hold themselves and others, more accountable for their choices and activities, we will see drugs and violence decrease to a point that we look back to this time and think, “Remember when we used to have to worry about drugs and violence daily?”

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