Persuasive Essay: The Best Ways To Stop Bullying?

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Problems usually have solutions. Solutions could be extremely easy to find, or the process of finding one could be problematic. One worldly issue that does not have a solution yet is bullying. Bullying is present in schools world-wide, and it has been this way since there have been schools. This horrible act is accepted as part of life. People are used to bullying, that it almost seems normal. This should not be the case. Bullying is a horrific act that needs to be stopped, but is that possible? Three specific ways people have proposed to stop bullying is to criminalize bully in an attempt to deter any further bullying, to assign bullies student mentors in order to have someone guide them, or to force school or parental figures to be more active in trying to prevent bullying. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, but which is the best method to effectively stop bullying?…show more content…
According to Freda Dekeyser Gans, the head of the Research and Development department at Hadassah-Hebrew University School of Nursing, in her article “Bullying and Its Prevention Among Intensive Care Nurses”, “Bullying refers to repeated, offensive, abusive, intimidating, or insulting behaviors; abuse of power, or unfair sanction that make recipients feel humiliated, vulnerable, or threatened, thus creating stress and undermining their self-confidence” (506). As the definition clearly depicts it, bullying is not an action that should be taken likely. It could be anything from name calling, constant harassment, poking fun at physical features or ideologies, or causing unwanted annoyance. This bullying could have a serious impact on a child’s life. It could cause a child to start feeling depressed and sad, and even cause them to become disconnected to the world around them. Sometimes, it can cause a child to take their own life. Bullying cannot be taken

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