Are Schools Safe?

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Over the past decade school violence has been on the rise. School violence has always existed in some form or another, whether it is a fight out on the play ground or a stabbing in the parking lot. However nothing got the nation's attentions like the April 20, 1999, Columbine school shooting. Ever since that day the nation wants to know what to do to protect the kids in this country. Many schools have gotten increasingly stricter on their policies, especially the schools that have more money. What about the schools that cant' afford metal detectors and security officers? American public schools are not safe, and need to have greater security measures to ensure the students' safety.

The news of Columbine was all over the TV, newspapers, and in every social aspect of life. This left parents no choice but to discuss the incident with their children. After Columbine, there seemed to be more and more reports of school violence, more shooting, bombings, and knives being brought to school. As much as parents would like to protect their kids from hearing any of this they can't and the kids come home with questions. The more the kids hear the more they fear; after Columbine 41% of teens in a nation wide survey became afraid for their safety at school. Kids are now scared to go to school and their parents are scared to let them. Kids are now skipping school and pretending to be sick; not because they have a test or because they don't like their teacher. They a scared that something might happen to them. In a nation wide survey placed by, 91% have seen kids get picked on, 85% have seen them argue loudly, 74% have seen physical fights, 29% have been threatened physically, 25% have been hit, 14% have been...

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... happens at the school in your town, you might not appreciate the extra security measures that are taking place in some schools across America. The truth is the one in every ten kids brought a weapon to school last year, knives, guns, and clubs. Some schools are ready for anything, but what about the ones that aren't.

All schools that have locker searches let the students know that it is policy if the student isn't hiding anything then there shouldn't be an issue. 77% of most kids would be happier and 55% would learn more if schools where safer. Keeping kids safe is what it's all about; no one is talking about strip searches, it's just open you locker, open your bag and be on your way. American public schools are not safe, and need to have greater security measures to ensure the students safety; our country should not have to live through another Columbine.
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