Persuasive Essay On School Shootings

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It is a sad time in American history when one can easily recount recent school shootings in their own area. This ease stems from a sharp increase in the number of firearms brought into elementary and middle schools across the country, with an intense focus on the issue beginning after the shooting of 20 children from Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Most school shooters are male, white, and often upper middle class. They are also more, often than not, under some type of mental stress that is causing them to create this type of violence in our communities. In fact, many school shooters are never suspected of doing any harm to their peers and teachers until it is much too late. I think it is agreed with all people in our country that this issue is not simply between the shooter and the children. It is a physical and mental danger to all that have to grieve the loss of a child. The sadness and disbelief puts our lawmakers at a standstill and it can no longer be tolerated with the severity and number of deaths. My intention is not simply a way to help the children, but to boost our country socially, as one that is progressive and thinking outside the box on this crucial issue. I have…show more content…
Just over 50 million children attend public elementary school, justifying the production of 50 million guns. If the average handgun is $400, that will be an estimated cost of 40 billion dollars. However, if kept in good condition, the guns can be reused for many years and pass from child to child as they get older. There are some school districts on their own, currently, that spend hundreds of millions of dollars on security measures annually, and this could all be reduced by arming the children. There would no longer need to be metal detectors or increased security paid by the hour. This money could instead be spent elsewhere to help pay for the initial cost of obtaining said

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