Effective Tactics to Reduce Juvenile School Shootings Essay

Effective Tactics to Reduce Juvenile School Shootings Essay

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When it comes to violent crimes, specifically murders and homicides, the American society tends to react in a sense that justice should be brought to the victim(s) by giving extensive punishment to the offender(s); this is assuming adults are the players of these specific violent crimes. However, if the tables are turned to juveniles, specifically involving schools, the reactions seem to change. Rather than feeling little empathy while depending on the justice system to carry out decisions expected by society, the American society tends to have more remorse and empathy while examining ways to help prevent these crimes, as well as depending on the justice system. The taking of lives of children by other children creates a different reaction across the nation. A sense of motivation to fix this problem is evident throughout the country. The amount of school shootings in America is dangerous; the same is true involving juvenile delinquency rates. As this problem greatly impacts the American society, suggested solutions, implementations of new laws/statutes, and comparisons between evidence from these actions will be evaluated to determine the most effective ways to successfully reduce this problem faced by the nation. “Although the violent juvenile crime rate has been decreasing dramatically since 1994, high-profile incidents such as school shootings serve to keep the problem of juvenile violence at the forefront of national attention” (Cox et al. 2013).
A familiar, long-lasting debate that directly impacts school shootings is the enactment of tougher gun control laws. Before the suggestions of harsher gun control laws are examined, the characteristics of school gun violence, school violence among different geological region...

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