The Importance Of Gun Control

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Will gun control stop harm or protect citizens? Today, the opinions of Americans vary on whether guns harm or protect citizens. However, gun control is not a new controversial issue. In 1924, U.S. Senator, Robert La Follete, said, “Our choice is not merely to support or oppose gun control but to decide who can own which guns under what conditions.” This proves that gun control has been a concern to Americans since the mid- twentieth century, and possibly even earlier than that. Even with the U.S. laws limiting the access of guns, it has not stopped the misuse of guns. Thirteen school shootings have been recorded in the United States within the first six weeks of 2014. Gun control is an effort to stop crimes by limiting who can access guns. Guns are very powerful weapons that have a great impact on society. They can change a family’s life forever. The destruction they cause cannot be reversed or taken back, and one trigger could take a person’s life away. For these reasons, government interference is needed to restrict the harm guns can cause. The U.S. government should place more limitations on guns because of the carelessness and misuse of guns, which has led to an increasing number of crimes and violent actions against the innocent. Although guns can be used for protection, how often is that true? A gun in the house is twenty- two times more likely to hurt someone than protect them. For every gun that is used for self-defense, there are eleven guns in homes used for completed or attempted suicides, seven used in criminal assaults and homicide, and four used in unintentional shooting deaths or injuries. (Kellermann, 1998, p. 263) There was a poll conducted by CBS News and New York Times in 2010. When Americans were asked about ... ... middle of paper ... ...en in absolute danger, and keep it out of reach. Gun control laws aren’t taking away the right to bear arms, but should be made to restrict violence, accidents, and tragedies. The U.S. government needs to make laws that will make it harder for a criminal or anyone with an untreated mental illness to buy a gun. There have been enough deaths from gun violence. Nobody wants anymore kids to die. Neither do they want anymore incidents where guns get into the wrong hands, causing the lives of many to be at risk. Creating stricter gun control laws lead us into a world that is secure, a world where kids play outside or walk home from school without their parents worrying if they will come back alive. John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life.” It is about time we emphasize on gun control and create laws to make it possible for people to, at least live a life.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that gun control has been a concern to americans since the mid- twentieth century, and perhaps even earlier than that.
  • Explains that a gun in the house is twenty-two times more likely to hurt someone than protect them. the constitution was written in 18th century, when armed citizens protected society.
  • Opines that people should keep guns out of the reach of children, the mentally ill, and others who will misuse them.
  • Opines that stricter gun control laws are a solution that would keep guns away from those who may use them for violence.
  • Opines that gun violence is a serious issue in the united states. gun control laws should be made to restrict violence, accidents, and tragedies.
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