Sandy Hook Shooting Vs School Shootings

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School shootings have gotten to the point where parents are afraid to send their own children to school. School should be a place where parents, children and faculty feel safe, wouldn’t you want to be safe somewhere that you attend every single day? After many school shootings throughout the nation, schools have changed the ways of not only the government and schools districts but of concerned citizens as well. The one real question that we have to ask is how many more of these and how many more deaths need to happen for real action to take place? This was answered after the Sandy Hook shooting. Government officials, school administrations and even the president himself are trying their hardest to prevent these from occurring. Schools throughout the nation have changed their procedures, security and have caused domino effects on many things. Crime in the 21st century has evolved from what it was in the past. One major crime that has been occurring more and more are public school shootings. A school shooting is an incident in which gun violence occurs at a school. School shootings have occurred since the early 1760’s but lately there have been an abundant amount of them happening. This crime not only puts people’s lives in danger, but it also takes a toll on the people that went through it. There have been more than 40 plus shootings throughout America, which will continue to increase, alone from the time span of 2000 to 2014 (present.) Now schools throughout the country are going over what they are going to do in a crisis situation. Recently there has been many school shootings which have raised awareness. Schools are frequently modifying and improving the things that they do to make things safer. It is a crime that has been take... ... middle of paper ... ...n “beta” testing to see what works and what does not. Whatever helps prevent a school shooting will be noted and whatever does not will not be used anymore. School shootings have occurred countless amount of time in the 21st century and will continue to occur. This is a crime that has been taken lightly for so many years and just now has been taken seriously. At first they were on awareness but not taken as serious as they are now. Yes they would try to be prevented but now almost every school in America is trying everything to not let one happen in their school. The drastic measures that schools have gone through has changed the way kids go to school and how teachers do their jobs. Schools have changed rules and regulations just so that the children will be safe and it still does not assure their safety but the laws passed and things done have prevented and helped.
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