We Need Stricter Laws for Gun Control

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About forty years ago, teachers used to say that the worst problems in their schools were students chewing gum and talking during class. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those were still the biggest problems? Unfortunately, teachers now are struggling with many deaths of their students and maybe even their own children. The numbers of teenagers’ deaths increase everyday from gun violence. Students, particularly boys, who carry guns, are more likely to be involved in drug activity according to The Children Data Bank and more likely to have committed crimes with weapons. Likewise, girls who carried guns were more likely to report feeling threatened. Therefore, stricter law for gun control will lessen the insecurity of a person when holding a gun and prevent further unnecessary death.

According to Marianne W. Zanwitz, a member of the staff of the Bureau of Justice Statistics(BJS), statistical agent of the U.S. Department of Justice since 1976 quote in her article, “43.6 million criminal victimizations occurred in 1993, including 4.4 million violent crimes of rape and sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault. Of the victims of these violent crimes, 1.3 million (29%) stated that they faced an offender with a firearm.” Also, according to The Victim Survey(NCVS), there were an estimate of 341,000 incidents of stolen firearm from private citizens annually from 1987 to 1992. Although, NCVS did not ask how many guns were actually stolen, there probably were more than one gun per person and places more than one gun per home for average.

Since there is such a high rate of stolen guns and/or illegal purchases of guns, the weight of murders with firearm outweigh the need to have firearm for self protection. Even if guns cannot be complet...

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...neglected teens usually seek refuge in the structure of gangs; many gangs build up hatred for one another. Many people have guns in their homes and they all say it is for “protection”, but no one can honestly say that the weapon killing young people is a good means of protection. As a nation and a society, all of us today should stand up for what is right. Do not give teens the opportunity to handle a gun. Handguns should be illegal under any circumstances.

Gun poses as a high danger in our world, even though guns seem necessary, but the negative values of guns are overruling the positive values. Guns take lives, no doubt. We need to have a stricter law for gun control that prevents easy access to guns. A society without guns, except within the hand of law enforcers, even though is not guarantee of safety, but at least we are not living in fear of gun shooting.
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