Gun politics in the United States Essays

  • 2nd Amendment Essay

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    The United State of America, established by the Founding Father who lead the American Revolution, accomplished many hardship in order to construct what America is today. As history established America’s future, the suffering the United State encountered through history illustrate America’s ability to identify mistakes and make changes to prevent the predictable. The 2nd Amendment was written by the Founding Father who had their rights to bear arms revoked when they believe rising up to their government

  • What Are The Most Important Social Factors Of Death

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    Social Factors of Violent Death In your opinion, what are the top three most important social factors that contribute to violent death in the United States? One of the most important social factors that contribute to violent death in the United States is poverty/ unemployment. “Poverty can lead to high levels of stress that in turn may lead individuals to commit theft, robbery, or other violent acts” (Taylor, 2006, p.1). Poverty can lead to people with an inferior education meaning that they have

  • The Second Amendment

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    Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is essential to preserving the rights of law abiding citizens and keeping our citizens safe. Yet, lately, people in the government have been pushing to limit the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment located in the Bill of Rights states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (Shelley, 74). How can the United States of America stay the land

  • Argumentative Essay: Gun Control In The United States

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    Gun Control Adolf Hitler once said, “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” The United States has roughly 300 million guns owned by citizens, and while gun control claims that it will not take away all guns and merely regulate them, many people feel a danger to giving gun control any footing. While gun control advocates believe that gun control will equal less illegal activity, it is too easy to buy firearms online, and that nobody needs an assault style rifle, research shows that criminals

  • Argumentative Essay On Value Of Guns

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    Truths of Guns and Their Restrictions Throughout time, the human race has survived and evolved because of one simple necessity. As the human race evolved there was one driving force that allowed man to develop into today. Quite simply, man has continued to exist by advancing alongside the need for survival. Survival is key in not only ensuring the human race, but survival is also key in driving the humans. Through the millenia, man has needed the means of survival to develop as well. Guns have been

  • America Needs More Gun Control Laws

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    across the United States. Nevertheless, in today’s society, gun violence is sparking debate and controversy on how to control gun violence. Throughout the country, thousands of laws and regulations have been created to aid in the control of guns. Through much study, the gun laws and regulations in place have very little effect on the number of gun related injuries and deaths. More needs to be done to establish an effective way to control gun violence. Potential Solutions Shootings in the United States

  • Comparing the cultures of the United States and Japan

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    I chose to compare and contrast the United States culture with the culture in Japan. There are a few similarities between the two, such as a love of the arts, fashion and baseball. However they are more culturally different than similar in very major aspects. Japan is a very homogenous society made up of about 98% ethnic Japanese. They tend to put a lot of emphasis on family and communities, and value the group more than the individual (Aliasis, 2013). The social hierarchy important and members

  • Brave New World

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    Brave New World "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." second amendment to the United States Constitution, 1791. Within this famous paragraph lies the right that Americans both cherish and fear, the right to have a gun. Of all the civil rights endowed by Bill of Rights and it’s amendments, none has been as been opposed so hostile and defended so staunchly as the Second Amendment. Besieged

  • Guns and Elections: The Politics of Gun Control

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    In the book Guns, Gun Control, and Elections: The Politics and Policy of Firearms, Wilson discusses the complex issue of gun control and the many debates and controversies regarding the issue. Many people throughout the United States feel it is the right as a citizen in the United States to own a weapon, and the government should have no say in the matter. These people believe this because of the part of the Second Amendment that states, “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be

  • Gun Violence Research Paper

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    the United States of America have the most deaths by a gun in the whole world? To understand this, we need to find out that with all the recent mass shootings going on in this country, why has there not been a law passed to eradicate or diminish the use of these guns. In addition to this, we need to find out the biggest cause of all of this gun violence. Moreover, what will I do to help stop gun violence. With this is mind, I believe the main reason for so many gun deaths in the United States is caused

  • America Needs Gun Control

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    For years proposals for gun control and the ownership of firearms have been among the most controversial issues in modern American politics. The public debate over guns in the United States is often seen as having two side. Some people passionately assert that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to own guns while others assert that the Second Amendment does no more than protect the right of states to maintain militias. There are many people who insist that the Constitution is a "living

  • Gun Control Persuasive Essay

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    Carson, my name is Trevor Mangru. I have recently seen your Press Conference concerning your viewpoints on gun control, as well as how it is your belief that it could have prevented the Holocaust from taking place. Recently, gun control has been presented as a controversial topic all over the United States, as day by day, illegal weapons are being found. We are presented

  • Stricter Gun Control

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    Our Right to Feel Safe When it comes to gun control America seems to have divided opinions. It’s hard to tell if stricter gun control laws would solve the problem of mass shootings. The root of the argument is over the meaning of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has been scrutinized and debated over the past decade. With an abundance of inexplicable and vicious killings, the Second Amendment has been put under both the political and social microscope. Parties on both ends of the spectrum

  • Should the Government Implement Gun Control?

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    stricter gun control laws have been a hot topic in politics and the national mainstream media. The government thinks that gun control being stricter would help to make less of these tragic incidences occur. I am against this thought because I believe that the law-abiding citizens will be the only ones to give up their guns and criminals will then have an upper hand on the innocent. Even though banning guns is supposed to save lives, cities such as Chicago have already shown that stricter gun laws should

  • Gun Control is NOT the Solution

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    against Gun Control The development of arguments surrounding gun control corresponds to the increased violence and problems related to weapons and firearms use. This then prompted the expansion of gun control initiatives and has shapes public opinion particularly in the promotion of increased regulation to banning. Due to this, it became controversial as it split the opinions of the citizenry particularly in their stance to advance different objectives. Arguably, the process of developing gun control

  • Gun Rights vs Gun Control

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    Shootings in the United States has caused the gun control debate to intensify. While anti-gun control advocates say the Second Amendment guarantees each individual the right to bear arms, the pro-gun control group reads the Second Amendment as a collective right to bear arms; meaning organized militia are the only ones with that right. This essay will analyse the effectiveness of several different articles which present arguments for and against gun control. Charles W. Collier’s article, “Gun Control in

  • The Gun Control Debate

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    The United States Constitution was constructed from a set of rules which secure the basic rights of all United States citizens. These rights are considered as the "inalienable" and should be exercised as indicated within the documents. The creation of the Bill of Rights sparked the beginning of the gun control debate. These debates are usually done by educated citizens which reflects this topic for public policies through representative institutions. Furthermore, the process of these debates in politics

  • Gun Control: The Opposing Viewpoints

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    Gun control is an issue that is constantly being debated. There are people who are pro gun control and those who believe gun control is unconstitutional to the citizens. Many political leaders and organizations have strong opinions on gun control, which keeps the gun control debate publicized. Gun control is limiting or taking the right of citizens to carry or purchase a gun. Guns are used for protecting the citizens by police officers and the military, as well as for many personal reasons like hunting

  • Arms War Pros And Cons

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    threat to several countries. Most militia and anti-government agencies engage in heated debates concerning the control of weapons. The ease of accessing arms has made the crises common and the tension between countries escalates the issue. The United Nations created the Arms Trade Treaty that aimed to control the use and access of conventional weapons. The former administration of President George W. Bush declined to sign the treaty for political reasons fearing losing the support of the American

  • National Rifle Association: Pros And Cons

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    background to be checked. So the ultimate problem are the guns distributed through the loophole. Unfortunately, politicians who support liberty on guns are not willing to see how dangerous firearms have become. The National Rifle Association or more known as the NRA is an association that each year wins millions of dollars by the Gun Industry. This Association was made to protect the second amendment and the right to own a gun. Each year millions of Americans pay to be in that association and they