Effective Coaching Within Hockey Is A Team Invasion Game Essay

Effective Coaching Within Hockey Is A Team Invasion Game Essay

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Effective Coaching within Hockey
Hockey is a team invasion game, in which performance can be enhanced with the aid of sport science support through mediums such as psychology, nutrition and injury prevention to list only a few. This report will discuss what effective coaching within a hockey environment can be based around and the additional benefits that can be achieved by coordination of best practises from a variety of sports.
Effective Coaching
The findings of Bennie and O’Connor (2012), describe three individual components which players within team sports perceived to encompass an effective coaching style: a personalised approach, decision making and the allocation of roles and responsibilities.
An effective coaching style is dependent on the knowledge the coach possesses that helps to form their personalised approach and is partly down to the coach continuing their professional development, which can involve the observation of other coaches to gain an understanding of their personal best practice (Armour, Cushion & Jones, 2003). Great Britain hockey have developed a programme coordinated within England, Scotland and Wales which they say has a suite of professional development opportunities, so they are facilitating the growth which they expect to see from their coaches, reflecting that it is seen as an important component of effective coaching to the national governing body. If the coach is always bettering their own personal standards, then the athlete’s performance should improve based on the improved quality of coaching they receive (Côte & Gilbert, 2009). Additionally, a coach should also be able to tailor their style of leadership based on the skill level of the group which they are coaching, as if the coaching style ...

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...run further in total but will run more at a high intensity or through sprinting, as hockey is a fast-paced sport, a player having the extra few metres over their opponent when sprinting can make a large difference to their performance (Del Coso et al., 2016). Personally, I have been encouraged to consume caffeine based drinks when in an elite hockey environment in the short period before a match to ‘boost energy levels’, essentially hoping to contribute to me being able to maintain a high level of intensity for a longer period. However, this isn’t always necessary as the time which players spend on the pitch varies in different positions but it is generally not for any prolonged period. Although, a coach could ask his players to consume something which has a high caffeine content before training sessions to train at a high intensity and make it more match realistic.

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