Don 't Worry About The World Ending Essay

Don 't Worry About The World Ending Essay

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Australian Gems
Don’t worry about the world ending; it’s already tomorrow in Australia- Destiny Hoskins
Since the beginnings of cinema in Australia from around 1896, Australian films have charted a range of views of the Australian identity, most specifically Australian Rules directed by Paul Goldman and Sapphires directed by Wayne Blair. Movies like these two gems deserve to be recognised and put into “The Hall of Fame” along with all the other masterpieces produced.
Why are these movies worthy of the limelight you ask? Well for starters both of these movies portray that of our indigenous culture, which is usually left out of films. They display the hardships they endured, and how if we only put aside all of our differences and worked together we could get far.
These movies deserve to be put into the Hall of Fame because they are iconic in their own rights. They display something that is not shown in majority of movies released nowadays. They show us the indigenous culture, and how they integrated within the world. With this it shows a huge amount of racism, which is still a huge problem for the world. Though in the end of both of these films show the audience that if we put all our differences aside and worked together, we could reach the end goal and live in coexistence.
“Movies like these two gems deserve to be recognised”
The Sapphires was released on the 9th of August, 2012 and was the highest-earning Australian film on its opening weekend grossing $2,320,000 from 275 cinemas.
This movie is based on a true story, about four extraordinary Aboriginal women. Sisters Laurel Robinson, Lois Peeler and their cousins Beverley Briggs and Naomi Mayers. They were part of an extended family of brothers and sisters who regularly s...

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...cky’s’ (Nathan Phillips) father who is an abusive racist in a moment of drunken violence that impacts the whole community.
When Dumby’s best mate Blacky is the only white person to show up at his funeral, he is first rejected but then he is accepted. In this scene particular it gives the audience a sense of acceptance and peace even in such a sad setting.
This film undeniably deserves to be placed into the Hall of Fame, as it portrays acceptance for both sides of the spectrum.
So finally, why do these films deserve a place in the Hall of Fame? Both have extraordinary examples of acceptance, and how when we put all our differences aside what we can achieve. This is a lesson everyone needs to learn, and by placing these movies in the Hall of Fame it could gain a plethora of viewers. So that is the answer, that is why these movies must be placed into the Hall of Fame.

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