Analysis Of The Documentary Freedom Summer

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The documentary Freedom Summer was released on January 17, 2014 by veteran documentarian Stanley Nelson. The documentary was made to serve as a reminder of the summer activists spent in 1964 in order to register African-American voters. The film showed the state of Mississippi during that time as being filled with hatred and segregation toward African Americans. The film is trying to show us the people who united together to bring freedom to African Americans. Even white people rebelled with African Americans to show that they did not support racism and that African Americans should have the right to vote just like any citizen. Throughout the documentary historical videos and photos are incorporated of the gathering of activists and volunteers…show more content…
This shows us how white people thought of African Americans as inferior, and they just wanted to dominate the society making no place for other races to express themselves. Even though African Americans were citizens of the state of Mississippi they were still discriminated against. This documentary does a great job of showing us the suffering of these people in hopes to remind everyone, especially the government, to not make the same mistakes and discriminate against citizens no matter what their race is because this will only cause a division to our nation when everyone should be…show more content…
The documentary strived to show us how factories were corrupt that they couldn’t provide good working conditions for the workers until we lost people. This documentary is about the tragic fire that took place on March 25, 1911 in the Triangle factory. We can clearly see through this documentary that these people didn’t matter to the factory owners because their needs were not met. The documentary shows that the year before the fire took place the workers led a strike asking for better working conditions, but obviously their voices were not heard. After the fire took place this is when factories started improving working conditions. It is sad to learn that it took 146 lives of innocent people in order for factory owners to be convinced that they need to improve the poor working

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