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  • Indigenous Australians

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    Aboriginal Spirituality Aboriginal spirituality originally derives from the stories of the dreaming. The dreaming is the knowledge and a sense of belonging that the Aboriginals had of the beginning of life and the relationship to the land and sea (Australian Museum, 2011). The dreaming stories are passed on from one generation to the next orally. These stories teach the following generations how to behave towards the land and other people. The dreaming stories give them a sense of duty to protect the

  • The Dispossession Of Indigenous Australians

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    biggest issues effecting Indigenous Australians is inequality, this negative one-sided view has led to many young Aboriginals leading a life of social disparity. The dispossession of Indigenous Australians has been looked upon for many years. The colonisation by the British reduced the number of Indigenous people significantly; they reduce so much they are now only 2% of Australia’s population. Due to the colonisation this bought many diseases and sickness that Indigenous people had never been exposed

  • Indigenous Australians Essay

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    Indigenous Australians are defined as inhabitants of the land prior to colonization of Australia (Mooney, 2013). For the purpose of this paper indigenous Australians health and leisure will be further explored. Leisure and health are important components an individual must maintain through out their life. Whether an individual participates in leisure is based on mental, social, physical and environmental factors. These factors may be positive influences or negative influences on the group. The health

  • Indigenous Australian Mental Health

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    MR Hon Peter Dutton MP Minister for Health Australian Government Department of Health Sirius Building, Furzer Street, Woden Town Centre Canberra ACT 2601, Australia Dear Mr Dutton: Thank you for taking time to read my letter. As a nursing student of University of Technology Sydney, I studied contemporary indigenous subject this semester. In this letter I want to illustrate 3 main social determinants of health that impact indigenous Australian health which I found and analysed during my recently

  • Indigenous Australians and the British Settlers

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    from the Asian continent to Australia using land bridges (fig. 2) (, n.d.) Shortly after arriving in Australia it is thought that they (now known as Indigenous Australians) moved inland and rapidly spread throughout the country using the river systems of Queensland and Southern Australia. (Mayell, 2003) The Indigenous people began to appreciate the land and the resources that it offered. Their culture developed many spiritual relationships with the land and its natural resources;

  • Indigenous Australians

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    Australian aboriginals are a group of people who are deemed to be the indigenous occupants of Australia. The Australian High Court appreciated them to share a common as well as biological ancestry as Australia's original occupants (de Plevitz, & Croft, 2003). There has however been a lot of ignorance with reference to this group of people more so from the Australians. This has mostly been due to ignorance of these people with most arguments and opinions based on myths (Morphy, & Morphy, 1984, p.459-478)

  • Health Issues of Indigenous Australians

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    As health professionals, we must look beyond individual attributes of Indigenous Australians to gain a greater understanding and a possible explanation of why there are such high rates of ill health issues such as alcoholism, depression, abuse, shorter life expectancy and higher prevalence of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and obesity in our indigenous population. Looking at just the individual aspects and the biomedical health model, we don’t get the context of Aboriginal health. This

  • Human Rights of Indigenous Australians

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    Aboriginal society of Australia, Indigenous Australians receive lower levels of healthcare than the mainstream Australian. The life expectancy of the Indigenous male in 2003 was 59.4 years old and the female 64.8 years old, meaning that an Indigenous Australian citizen will live on average for 17 years shorter than a non-indigenous Australian. From 2001-2005, deaths of Indigenous infants represented 6.4% of the total Indigenous male deaths and 5.7% of the total Indigenous female deaths. While only 0

  • Policies Affecting Indigenous Australians

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    Indigenous Australians have faced many changes to their original life style, with numerous policies being brought in. These policies had an incredible affect on how the indigenous Australians lived. The policies inflicted on the indigenous Australians varied widely and had numerous impacts. The policies of assimilation, protection and integration had mainly negative impacts on the community, causing loss of identity, language and religion. The policies of self-determination and reconciliation, had

  • Indigenous Australians Rights And Freedoms In Australia

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    Indigenous Australians began to be robbed of their rights and freedoms when the Europeans colonized Australia. Since then, Aboriginal people and Indigenous supporters have taken steps towards equality and reconciliation. The first real attempt to raise awareness of the lack of equality facing Indigenous Australians was the Day of Mourning campaign 1938. Aboriginal people saw this day as an opportunity to get the attention of white Australia and walked in protest. The Day of Mourning was a chance