The Does Not Fall Far From The Tree Essay

The Does Not Fall Far From The Tree Essay

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The apple does not fall far from the tree. At least that is what has been said for a long time. For some time now, a child has been considered to be a depiction of their parents, but it is never really explained why. There are many possible reasons for why that has become a theory. In many cases a child is exposed to their parents for most of their life and therefore acquire many of their similar traits, one of which includes their self identity. There are many factors that contribute to the development of an adolescent’s identity, one of the most crucial factors being the influence of their parents. It is not news that a parent’s actions have an affect on their offspring’s life, yet the real surprising thing is just how much a parent can affect their child, without them even knowing it. In “Interrelations of Adolescent’s Identity Development, Differentiation of Self and Parenting Style”, written by Tija Ragelienė and Viktoras Justickis, they create a research in which they observe adolescents that are exposed to different parenting styles and how they are different in terms of their identity. The authors speak about the effects that a parent has on their child, as well as the specific parenting styles and they way they shape an adolescent’s identity. The parenting styles are separated into three categories, democratic, authoritarian, and permissive. Because in most cases, a parent is the biggest influence in a child’s life, their interaction with them and the way they are around them ends up being one of the biggest factors that shapes the adolescent’s identity and determines their behavior.
A parent’s influence plays a big role in a child’s development since a parent is per say, their child’s role model. From the start, a child ...

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...escents identify themselves.
In the end, it is easy to see that parents really do have an effect on their children’s life and they don’t even notice. They don’t have to try to have an effect on their lives, all they have to do is parent them the way they think is necessary. The amount of attention, and care that they show to their child not only affects them mentally, but it shapes their identity. Parents sometimes get too focused on their jobs, and their other personal problems that they don’t pay much attention to their kids. Others pay attention to them, but don’t set any boundaries adjusting them to a norm of doing whatever they want. Some parents pay attention to their kids, and although they don’t let them do whatever they want, they consider being more lenient. The three different styles of parenting determine how and why adolescents behave the way they do.

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