Different Methods That Parents Use to Raise Their Children Essay

Different Methods That Parents Use to Raise Their Children Essay

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When one observes any individual, the observer often assumes that that individual became who they are as a result of their own choices and actions. While this assumption is partially true, it is also true that much of who a person becomes is determined by how they were raised. Parents have an immense influence on their children and, therefore, are significant factors in the development of their children’s emotional, social, and intellectual well-being. Therefore, parents need to make wise choices in the way they raise their children. Since authoritative parenting proves to be the most beneficial to children and their development, parents need to adopt the strategies of this style in order to successfully raise their children.
The different methods that parents use to raise their children are categorized by experts into four distinct styles – each style determined by a parent’s level of responsiveness and demandingness. Experts define responsiveness as “parental warmth, acceptance, reflectiveness and involvement,” and demandingness as a parent’s “control, monitoring, or strictness” (Piko 150). One parenting style is neglectful parenting, sometimes referred to as rejecting or indifferent parenting. Neglectful parenting consists of low demandingness of a child, along with low responsiveness to the child. These parents are “unlikely to take part in their children’s activities,” and often provide nothing more for their children than food and shelter (Hibbard 271). Permissive-indulgent parenting is another method; parents of this type exhibit high responsiveness but low demandingness. This means that they give their child abundant freedoms and do not apply rules or demands, but display love and acceptance (Hibbard 271). A third...

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