Pros And Cons Of Authoritative Parenting

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Each parent is different; they all have different ways in parenting and disciplining their children. One’s own parenting style is usually derived from the way one was raised or the society one lives in. Parenting styles include authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive, and it is very important to know which style one falls in because it can have an effect on how one’s child grows up to be and develops. Authoritative parenting would be the better parenting style because it is in the middle of the parenting styles; it is not at the extreme ends of the spectrum. It can be very beneficial to parents to understand that how one raises their children can give them a foundation for good development for years to come. Authoritarian parents, show very little acceptance, have very high expectations of their children and are extremely controlling. These parents are strict, and use a prohibitive and punishment method. According to a research done by Kimberly Kopko from Cornell University, it “reveals that adolescents of authoritarian parents learn that following parental rules and adherence to strict discipline is valued over independent behavior. As a result, adolescents may become rebellious or dependent” (2). The adolescents who come to be rebellious may showcase hostile behaviors, while those who are passive are likely to stay relying on their parents (2). Each different parenting style each comes with pros and cons. In regards to parenting, there is never a wrong or right answer because every child and circumstances are different when it comes to the importance of the positive and negative effects. But each style comes with its effects on children. A few pros about Authoritarian parents are that their... ... middle of paper ... ...pera 128). Being involved in your children’s lives and understanding them as well as listening to their problems can be very beneficial in creating a relationship with your kids where everyone is respected and voices can be heard. The authoritative approach to parenting is the better way because you are enforcing rules but you are also giving justification for them, raising children to become responsible and independent for themselves. And to think about the consequences that their actions may lead to, which is something that the other two styles seem to be lacking in. How children are parented definitely affects their lives and the way they grow up to be. It is important to know which style one is and which one a parent wants to take the role of because it is the foundation to your relationships with your children.

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