Developing A Quality Lesson Plan Essay examples

Developing A Quality Lesson Plan Essay examples

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Developing a quality lesson plan that caters for every student and their needs and wants is not all that easy. Additionally, managing a classroom, using contemporary strategies and ensuring students are reaching their potential is even more difficult. Geduld (2015), mentions that one of the most difficult parts of teaching is that each student is unique which means teaching should be customised for individual students. However, the uniqueness of students should also be seen as a resource. A resource in the sense that the whole class can use each other’s strengths and abilities to perform as a team.
I designed my lesson plan so that I would be using cooperative learning groups in the bulk of my lesson. Cooperative learning is ‘a form of instruction in which students are organized into groups to complete assignments collaboratively, to assist each other, to solve problems, to share materials, and to participate in discussions’ (Emmer, Evertson, & Worsham, 2003, p. 111). Cooperative learning groups accommodate for students’ differences and allows every student, to participate and contribute in areas where they have strengths, regardless of their skill level. All students can even receive help in the areas that they find challenging. Oaks and Lipton (2007) state that ‘even the strongest students make considerable intellectual gains when they work with students of all skill levels’ (p. 192). I found that using this cooperative learning enabled my students to come up with a final product that showcased the individual strengths in the group. Therefore, making their work outstanding. Students seemed engaged in the activity, confident in their input towards the group and were more willing to help each other out. Emmer, Evertson and Worsham...

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...roach, driven by an understanding of the student, is thought to contribute to high levels of both achievement and engagement in learning’ (p.17).
The roles and responsbilities of an educator is endless. There are so many things to keep in mind when it comes to planning a lesson, teaching and mangaging a class, and ensuring learning occurs. My lesson was a successful one as I was able to incoprate teaching strategies that were learned throughout the semester of my EDFD260 unit such as the incorporation of coopertive learning groups, informal formative assessmest and using a differeientated approach for instruction. I believe that students learned lots from my lesson, and were constantly engaged throughout the lesson. I believe that I was successful in teaching and mangaging the class, yet I will continue to improve and practice these effective strategies for teaching.

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