Designing A New Product And Brand Developer Essays

Designing A New Product And Brand Developer Essays

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Coming up with an idea is definitely not the hard part about creating a new product. There are so many ideas that people can come up with on the spot just by thinking about something that bothers them. The hard part to creating a new product, is putting the plan into action. Most people will complain about something that they don’t like, but they will never do anything about it. However, for this project, students were able to put their plans into action and see if their product would actually work in someone’s everyday life. For my group, our idea was to create an application on the phone for college students so that they can have access to their id cards on their phone. In order to complete this task, three students were assigned to a specific role based on their strengths and weaknesses in or to put their idea into action. My role is known as the product and brand developer where I will help come up with the name, logo, and tagline to make the product more appealing. I will also create a documentary to show the steps we have taken to have successfully created this product.
The creation of this product was a process to even come up with the idea. Through one of our in-class activities on the first day of this unit, we were able to find a concept that really bothered other students to where we could find and idea to fix the situation. This in-class activity was to write on the board everything that bothered a student. We came up with twenty ideas that were annoying such as cab prices, and broken nails, but we felt that the worst thing that happens to a college student everyday is the trouble of not being able to find one’s cat card. So, the solution we came up with is to create and application to where we can put the barcode f...

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...hard work, I think that we came up with a brilliant idea. Hopefully, as the product and brand developer, I created a great name, logo, and tagline that will intrigue someone to pursue this idea. I also hope that the documentary shows all the hard work we put into this product and proves how far we have brought this idea to life. If my group and I were to go outside of class and to pitch this idea to someone who was willing to invest in our product, I think it could be very successful among colleges. This application could become a popular tool for student to use around the nation. It would also save colleges on printing out id card all of the time and most importantly save students the hassle of losing their card. This application could also be spread to high schools who use id cards. There are many advantages to the application and many ways for it to be successful!

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