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708 words

As some of you may know, Amazon has recently become a client of Deloitte. Amazon is a company that sells merchandise, produce and other goods through They have also expanded into the same day delivery industry through its new venture, Amazon Prime. Recently, Amazon has been looking to focus more on growing its business outside of the United States. In order to do this, Amazon needs to increase profitability in North America. Thus, they have requested our team’s recommendations on how they can increase sales from online shoppers within the next 12 months.
Overview: Amazon’s industry environment
Amazon is an industry leader in terms of innovation, ability to scale its business and in breadth of products offered. Because of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that amazon is a client of deloitte and has expanded into the same-day delivery industry through its new venture, amazon prime.
  • Explains that amazon is an industry leader in terms of innovation, ability to scale its business, and breadth of products offered. a key opportunity amazon, as well as other competitors will have in the near future is delivery by drone.
  • Explains that amazon has requested a proposal with creative, specific recommendations that they can implement to achieve higher profitability in north america. the proposal needs to be data-centric and include industry research.
  • Describes the swot analysis they would like to use as a starting point for determining what needs to be researched further.
  • Advises clara, tia and sam to determine the financial implications of their recommendations and research.
  • Asks amazon to come up with creative products that amazon could use to grow their business.
  • Describes the programs amazon would have to implement as a result of sam and tia's recommendations. they recommend working closely with them to understand their ideas and create their own recommendations based off theirs.
  • Asks that the researcher be able to complete research for the team on anything they need further information on.
  • Opines that the key to team's success in this task will lie in their collaboration. they recommend keeping their team members informed of what they are working on throughout the process.
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