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When was the most recent time you purchased something from the world of Amazon is a staple provider and supplier for many people around the world, who are able to order a variety of products all in one place. Just this semester, my professor of my photography class assigned us to all order our necessities for our class via because they WILL have everything we need in one website or store. Amazon chooses to make the world their target market, because their goal is to have the biggest selection for every one of their customer. Currently, Amazon sells to 33 countries, including United States, India, South Africa, Germany, and Australia. This paper will detail the mission and history, financial and world sustainability, consumer …show more content…

This statement is still driving Amazon to provide the best for their customers. It is impressive when a business is able to fulfill their original mission statement, while being an E-business that is demanded to provide and keep up with the most current wants and desires of the consumer, especially as Amazon began and still is highly driven from popular department of electronic related products. Amazon began by selling their first book, progressing to 1-Click Shopping experience, then to creating their symbol “AMZN” on the NASDAQ, while launching the Music Store, Advantage Program, and opening numerous Fulfillment and Customer Service Center within and outside of the United States (History of Innovation). Next, let’s look at how Amazon uses all these characteristics to be a financially …show more content…

In addition, Amazon has also given the customer the opportunity to sell goods. The customers have a huge amount of power when researching and choosing products of the thousands of products at the tips of their fingers. Amazon has just about every department of a store you can imagine, from gardening and lawn accessories, to kitchen machinery, to shoes, and to the strongest departments in my opinion, which is the reading and electronics. The book was the very first product and vision behind Amazon as Bezos “narrowed the list to what he felt were the five most promising [products to be sold via Internet]: compact discs, computer hardware, computer software, videos, and books…”: then deciding to create the worldwide selection and platform to sell literature in print. Little did Bezos realize at the time, that his print literature idea would develop into the foundation of the electronic department. This transformed into varying products and services to be offered to the consumers: from actual devices to purchase, to the Amazon exclusive “Kindle” E-reader and accessories, developing growth into the “Kindle Fire” TV, and the exclusive purchase of “Audible”, which is now an Amazon company audio book

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that amazon has made the consumer in control of what they want, when, and how.
  • Explains that's best-of-breed e-commerce platform allows businesses, retailors, and individual sellers to reach a greater number of consumers.
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