Description Of A Internship Experience Essay

Description Of A Internship Experience Essay

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Internship Log Entry 2 February 23, 2016
Description of New Internship Experiences
Several unexpected internship opportunities have presented themselves these past few weeks along with challenges and occasions to grow as a teacher leader.
I was invited to attend a two-hour meeting after school today for training on transitional goals for students leaving the middle school setting and advancing to high school. Although I teach 6th grade, as the EC department chair for my school, it was a valuable experience and the knowledge imparted can be useful in directing IEP goals starting in 6th grade. As I mentor a first year EC 8th grade teacher, I have gained insight and a broadened perspective of high school transitions and will be able to offer more assistance and input in helping her grow in her goal writing skills.
In a constant effort to garner more parent involvement, several of my colleagues are implementing a parent information night scheduled for next week. As we approach the last few months of the school year, our goal is to make parents more aware of their child’s progress, as well as equip them with useful information and tools that can assist their child at home. My principal was excited and offered to serve dinner which will bolster our attendance. Fortunately, my co-teaching team is enthusiastic and we spent an hour planning our agenda. Later this week, we will work on our presentation plan and begin gathering the resources and information we would like to impart.
As I have done since mid-August of last year, I met with my mentees on several occasions. My younger mentee is highly engaged and we have developed a meaningful professional relationship. She is beginning to plan for the transitional meetings for her s...

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...eos and lessons. Sometimes an ounce of new-found enthusiasm is enough to ignite passion. The idea of a three teacher team has been discussed since last summer but all the reading and exploration of becoming advocates has inspired me to act upon the proposal!
Reflection on Connections to Standards for Graduate Teacher Candidates
Each of these experiences correlates to Standard 1: Teacher Leadership. Responding to my upset mentee, taking the reins for a proposal to better serve my students and planning a parent information night have all demonstrated my ability to respond to the call for leadership. Further extending the connection, I again find myself reflecting on my experiences. Standard 5 not only helps me analyze how I can improve but also has provided me with opportunities to step up to the plate without being asked and allows me to work outside my comfort zone.

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