The Death Of Victor Frankenstein Essays

The Death Of Victor Frankenstein Essays

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Victor Frankenstein spent months in his laboratory constructing a monstrous figure from discarded human remains. When the crack of lightening on this particular night deemed Victor a father, he proudly accepted his fate. Victor dreamed of producing an offspring but Elizabeth’s infertility posed a problem for biological children. His desire to be a father could have been satisfied through adoption or a surrogate, but Victor’s interest in the creation of life lead him to take matters into his own hands. The months of Victor’s hard work had finally come to a head when the creature calmly sat up from the operating table and stared, with deep-yellow eyes, into the optics of his creator.

“Hello my creature,” said Victor but there was no reply. Initially the creature lacked the ability to produce language, however, Victor was certain of his capability to comprehend language. Seconds after the greeting, the creature nodded his thick skull and produced a grunt as he motioned for Victor to come. As Victor slowly approached the creature he became more aware of his unaesthetically appeasing form and for a second became afraid of the giant monstrosity he had created. Victor tried to erase the fear from his face because he was afraid that like a dog, the creature would be able to sense his terror. With his voice trembling, Victor spoke again “Hello my creature, I am your father.”

With his coarse hands, the creature grazed Victor’s face noting the physical differences between himself and Victor. Like Victor, the creature had all of the natural features of a human but his features were indeed prominent and oversized. The creature’s shoulders spanned nearly four feet, his fist were larger than Victor’s head and he stood a towering eight feet t...

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...owd begins cheering, eager to lay eyes on the monster described by Victor.

The creature immediately becomes furious and begins questioning his life up until this point. He asks himself, “Am I Human?” Is the life he had been living for the past few months considered life? Before this point, Victor had always referred to him as a creature but this instance was difference and seemed to cut the creature to the core; his heart began to hurt and his emotions ran high. To him Victor was a father who loved the life he created, but in this moment Victor loved science more than the creature. As the curtains pulled back, revealing the creature, the crowd cheered and Victor motioned for him to come forward. However, standing their motionless was the creature. He felt empty and sensed a form of neglect from Victor; he no longer wanted to be a part of his make-shift freak show.

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