Cyberbullying : Bullying And Bullying Essay

Cyberbullying : Bullying And Bullying Essay

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Cyberbullying is one of those words which you are likely to stumble upon in your everyday life, nowadays. Why? Well, with an ocean flooding, astonishing features of technology designed to be enabled by just a touch of button, social issues like cyberbullying have surpassed traditional bullying, hands down. Cyberbullying has always been different than physical bullying; it is not just simple harassment, rather it is worse, partly due to its unconfined nature. One needs only a valid email address to create or participate in groups online, so it is very easy set up “fake” accounts and bully anonymously. Because anonymous comments and actions aren’t connected to the individuals doing the bullying, they are free to do as they please without repercussions. Consider the fact that you may at some point of your life, been a part of cyber bullying, either as a victim or as a culprit. Ultimately, these unique features make cyberbullying, indeed, a broader and a serious problem to confront than traditional bullying.
One of the leading aspects of cyber bullying is the provision of new environment free of many traditional limitations. Unlike the traditional “playground” bullying, cyberbullying can be practiced behind a veil. Yalda T. Ulhas in the article, “Cyberbullying Has a Broader Impact Than Traditional Bullying” sheds light on the this issue: “[a] bully can target a victim while shielded behind a computer screen or mobile phone”. A contrasting viewpoint is presented in the article, “The Real Truth About Physical Bullying Facts” as, “Unfortunately, physically bullying is often more easy to spot as it happens because parents or other adults can see the acts happening”. However, as for cyberbullying, anonymity makes it nearly impossible to ...

... middle of paper ... this disrespect the teacher, but the image of the institution can also be tarnished.
There are features and aspects where traditional and cyberbullying intersect each other, giving out some similarities, but at the same time certain facets are uniquely applicable to cyberbullying such as a large audience, no space or time limits and on top of that anonymity. The aforementioned components make the nature of cyberbullying vulnerable to progression. We live in the 21st century, where we are heavily dependent on technology from making a phone call to paying bills online. With time, these technologies are expected to be taken to a another level- which means that prevalent issues like cyberbullying are going to run parallel to it, leaving behind the traditional bullying. It’s a bitter truth, nevertheless, it’s not late to realize how devastating it can turn our future.

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