Essay on Competition of Apple and Samsung: Which Phone Is Better?

Essay on Competition of Apple and Samsung: Which Phone Is Better?

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Today the competition between communication companies is beneficial for markets and customers. Apple and Samsung companies are a good example of this competition. The competition between them has given the customers two kinds of smart phones, which are called the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 is a series of iPhone cell phones, which is produced by Apple Company in California, U.S. Also the Galaxy S3 is a series of Galaxy cell phones, which produced by Samsung Company in Korea according to Wikipedai(march,3013). Teenagers and some adults usually use these kinds of phones. Why do they like the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3? First, these smart phones have characteristics, which grab their attention like using Internet and playing games. Second, they have some applications for the people who spend much of their time chatting and texting. Third, the companies of these cell phones produce many applications, such as some applications stimulate and encourage children and adults to learn; new language, another culture, mathematics, and so on. Furthermore, there are some programs for the professional and the experts. These are some reasons that make people interested in using them. Each one of these cell phones has some features the other doesn’t have, but also there are some similarities they share. The differences between them are in the software, battery, the screen size, the processor, and the weight, but on the other hand, there are similarities such as the price, the data speed, the memory, and the rear camera.
As I mentioned before, these kind of smart phones have some differences, like the software. Nowadays, smart phones are similar to laptops; they need to have an operation system to run on. The iPhone 5 has an IOS ope...

... middle of paper ... better than Galaxy S3 with the experience I have had from using both of them. My experiences were with the writing form and some engineering applications. For instance, my native language is Arabic, so I want to type and read massages in Arabic but the form of each letters is difficult to read in the Galaxy S3. The other reason is, I am an engineer, and I’m interested in some professional applications I didn’t find in the Galaxy S3, but I found them in the iPhone 5 such as, MATLAB and Solid work. For these reasons I prefer using the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S3. However, that doesn’t mean the iPhone 5 better than the Galaxy S3. Also, there are a lot of people around the world who prefer using the Galaxy S3 than the iPhone 5. Since Apple and Samsung are two of the strongest communications companies, I think the competition between them will continue for a long time.

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