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Apple is a Company based out of the United States, and was impacted greatly by our economy here. Though it didn't suffer as much as other corporations during the recession, they still took a hit from it. Since then the economy has gotten much better overall. The unemployment rate as of December 2013 was 6.7% which is much lower than the 7.3% it was in July 2013 ("Economy at a Glance "). As a number it doesn't mean much but after analyzing it you can conclude more people will have jobs now, and with jobs be able to spend more money. This will come to benefit corporations like Apple who are in the business to sell their products, because this year they will be able to sell more than the previous year. Since the 2008 recession the Federal Reserve has bought $85 billion worth of securities to help boost the American economy. The economy is doing better as of now and the Federal Reserve is buying $65 billion worth of securities this year drastically less than the $85 billion in 2008 ("US Central Bank"). This will initially help Apple because the economy is doing better which will allow more consumers to purchase Apple products.
Apple strives on technology advancements they are always looking to better their products so they can stay up to date just like many other companies. A new patent application from Apple improves the accuracy of the touch screen (Whitney). At first this may not seem like a big deal, but apple is a company that likes to perfect its products to create better value for their customers. That is how they get away with charging higher prices for their electronics because you can’t find something as refined somewhere else. Apple comes out with newer and advanced versions of iPhones every year to keep up with technology...

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Besides legal issue they also face competition, and their biggest competitor is Samsung.
Samsung has created its own versions of the iPhone and iPad that are usually much faster than the iPhones for the same price (Williams). This is something apple has to deal with on a regular basis, because it will push companies to always improve their products. Without competition we would probably have an iPhone that’s no better than the first one they released years ago.
Apple has to stay on its toes and adapt, though they make a good percentage of their money in the US, they do sell to other countries to maximize their profits. If they are not paying attention to certain countries and their laws it could cause them to lose money. Like I mentioned before the 2 year warranty law in Europe will actually cost them to lose some money from their total revenue (Haslam).
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