Comparing The Article, By Brian O ' Keeney 's Article Essay

Comparing The Article, By Brian O ' Keeney 's Article Essay

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There is a tremendous amount of things in life that every student at Golden West College should know how to do. High schools do not offer classes that teach their students how to do certain things in life after high school, and instead teach them things that become useless. Therefore, once these students move on to college they think that they know everything that they need to know. However, that is not exactly true for a majority of them. In the article, “How to Make It in College, Now That You’re Here” Brian O’Keeney discusses many different techniques to help freshmen, and any other students in college that need the assistance. O’Keeney’s article is separated into three main sections to help the reader focus on specific things: good grades, organization, and mental health. Personally, I believe that organization and mental health is what students need to be focusing on the most. Once entering college there are certain things that some students do not know, and it greatly affects their mental health. For example, my best friend and I just graduated high school this year, and once we entered college, we felt lost because of the things we did not know how to do. We did not know how to dot some of the most important things: pay our bills, make sure we received our financial aid, how to do our taxes, etc… All Golden West College students should be required to take two semesters of learning how to do some of the most important everyday things, such as: how to balance a checkbook, how to do taxes, what a mortgage is, and many more things.
Clearly, all students should learn the basic things that every adult should know throughout their life. A majority of students have to go through real world situations on their own, and they though...

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...ld be aware of how to do certain things in life. Sadly, high school did not prepare students as well as a majority of them thought that it did. New college students are in need of some guidance and a push in the right direction; instead of a push in a direction that is not going to be needed. The freshman, and any other students that are struggling should be focusing on their mental health and organization from school and their life outside of school. Not being able to keep the two separate and organized could greatly affect a student’s mental health, and damage their school work. All Golden West College students should be required to take two semesters of learning how to do things that everyone should learn after they leave high school, such as: how to balance a checkbook, how to do taxes, what a mortgage is, and many more things that they will need to know in life.

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