Patrick Sullivan's 'Essential Habits Of Mind For College Readiness'

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We have been taught all throughout our years of school that grades are important. True, grades are very important, but are they the only quality we should be focusing on as we enter college? Perhaps we should look past grades and focus on things such as the adaptation into the college life. Patrick Sullivan shares college education is more than just tests and intelligence. He also shares tips on how to prepare for this life-changing move into adulthood. In his article “Essential Habits of Mind for College Readiness”, Sullivan discusses specific qualities that are crucial in college years and beyond, such as curiosity, openness, creativity, accountability, humility, and character. I believe these qualities are what shape a college student, because…show more content…
Sullivan would agree with me, because he states, “[humility] provides students with an extreme valuable disposition toward the world, toward intellectual work, and toward the production of meaning and value in their lives.” In this quote, he shows that humility is important in making people who they are, much like character. I agree that humility is important. It is the ability to focus less on ourselves and more on others. In the process of humility, you must also remain humble and open-minded. I have learned that being involved in my community and helping others also benefits me because it builds my character and provides me with a feeling of accomplishment and success. For example, I am currently working with an amazing organization that works with men and women going through breast cancer and/or chemotherapy, called the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC). Over the past fifteen years with this group, I have been able to give myself to them by representing them at various events around Pennsylvania and have also donated hats made of t-shirts for the men and women going through chemotherapy. Through this organization, I have truly learned the importance of success and accomplishment through the giving of

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