Community College 's Northwest College Essay

Community College 's Northwest College Essay

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Houston Community College’s Northwest College hosted their annual Student Awards Ceremony on Thursday April 28.

I have been an editor for The Egalitarian for a year, and I planned to write about this awards ceremony. This will be an easy piece, I’ll attend, take some pictures and write the article about the speeches, maybe list off the categories, and definitely try to inspire some of our readers to focus on their studies. I had to be there anyways. I was nominated for one of the awards but, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win.

The Dean of Student Development Dr. Kathleen Anzivino gave the opening remarks to the ceremony, and Northwest College President Dr. Zachary Hodges gave the welcoming speech. It’s always inspiring to hear him. You just know that he cares so much about every student and their success. He inspires and believes in us, and it’s a blessing.

Student Life Coordinator Lynette Stuck announced the order of events. With that announcement she gave me the best news of all time: “the students were not going to make a speech.” I even had to turn to Sandra...

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