The Role of Recruitment and Selection

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Human Resource management (HRM) can be defined and simplified in various ways. One definition is that HRM is to “get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats” (Collins, 2001). The People theory is a theory in HRM that includes Recruitement and selection- two major subjects in the HRM function which concerns people and their way to a job for them.This essay will treat and discuss these two topics, recruitment and selection and their importance to the HRM function.
Job advertisements is a form of recruitment and can be done through several ways for instance through the internet, newspapers, jobcentres etc. (Foot and Hook, 2008). According to Armstrong, M., (2009).The aim is to attract plenty of individuals with the competency for the vacancy to the least cost also to motivate candidates to take action, to uphold interest in the organisations vacancy and for the company to compete with other organisations of the most attractive candidates.

Google- a web based search engine appointed the world’s most attractive employer 2013 by 200 000 students or potential candidates (Universum, 2013), utilizes job advertisement relatively limited to their corporate website (Google, 2013), this displays the importance of maintaining a continuous interest amongst possible candidates as it creates a platform and contribute to strengthen the chances of finding suitable candidate for the vacancy (Armstrong, 2009). Google is also known to have attractive benefits such as free legal aid, travel insurance, on -site physicians etc. making it appealing for applicants to apply as well as further widen the pool of potential candidates.

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