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College Is Clinical Psychology Course Essay

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The career that I decided to pursue when I came to college is Clinical psychology. The reason why I decided on majoring in Psychology is because I took an AP Psychology course during my junior year of high school and the Teacher I had made me love Psychology. The reason why I enjoy Psychology so much is because it expands the mind to so many different things like why people have certain behaviors and teaches you the real difference between Nature and Nurture. You are also given the chance to learn new things about why we humans are the way we are. I have also been fascinated with the thought process of a serial killers and why they continuously kill innocent people and I feel like getting a Psychology degree will help me understand that more and will also satisfy my want to help others in need. Throughout my whole life I’ve always wanted to help people get through their problems and a lot of the times I would do this by giving my friends family advice when they needed it the most. I am taking the first step by getting a bachelors in Psychology.

Someone that is pursuing a Clinical psychology degree will have to get a masters in Psychology. Some of the courses that you would have to take during your Undergraduate include Perception Lab, to help understand how and why people see what they see. For example if someone is sitting next to a person that can’t focus, that person may wonder what the reasons are behind their attention span. “You will also learn more about the relationship between health and Attractiveness, and which psychological factors influence the relationship” (Andrews, 2015).

Another important class that you would need to take to get your bachelors in psychology is Statistics. This is a class that many people forget ...

... middle of paper ...

...ndows and Excel to input information is really important. “Psychologists use computers and other forms of electronic technology to market their practices or products, to administer psychometric tests and diagnostic instruments, and to offer psychological services on line” (Psychologist, 2015). In this day and age technology has made research easier for many Psychologist because of the easy access to information and the ability to share thoughts on certain subject’s people may come across. It makes finding information more convenient for everyone overall.

While gathering information about Psychology I have learned a lot about my major and I am very excited to start my path towards success; even though it may be tough because of the amount of years I have to attend school even after I get my Bachelors. I will do the best that I can and try to help others along the way.

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