The Holland Codes System (RIASEC) Test

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Career Goals
I chose the Holland code (RIASEC) Test to take for my career assessment. According to "Open Source Psychometrics Project" (n.d.), "The Holland Codes system breaks down occupations into six general categories…A Holland Code summarizes your results with an acronym for the categories you score highest for, which makes you an ICS”. I scored the highest with investigative. My next highest scores were even- which were social and conventional. The lowest scores were for artistic, realistic, and entrepreneurial at the bottom. A search using investigative, social, and conventional together gave limited results. Therefore, I just used investigative and social which yielded 108 different occupations that match my interest areas. I was
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I could volunteer or intern in a type of mental health care facility and maybe even participate in studying and researching different mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The experience will give me an upper hand upon my receiving my bachelor’s degree!
I believe that the results from this career assessment are an accurate reflection of my current career goals as of right now. My current goal is to become some type of mental health counselor, doctor, or teacher in the psychology field. I know that I am in the right field for me, I just need to narrow down my career options and focus on what I need to do to
Achieve that career goal. This class is a great leap for me to help me to reach the goal of my career choices, and I look forward to what the next three weeks of class will bring to the table for me!

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