Essay On Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology is a very popular concentration of psychology that uses different methods to provide mental and behavioral healthcare to a variety of patients. Clinical psychology uses the principles of psychology to try to gather information to treat mental illness through medication and talk therapy. Not only do clinical psychologists try to understand different mental illnesses, but they try to predict and even possibly prevent them. Clinical psychologists assess and evaluate their patients and base their treatment on the specifics of individual cases. According to the American Board of psychology, clinical psychology also includes services for the enhancement of brain functions. This paper will examine the history of clinical psychology,…show more content…
Behavioral observation and research is something that is continuously occurring in psychology, and psychologists are constantly looking for new and improved ways to treat patients who are suffering from any kind of behavioral or psychological disorder, and this is why the nature of the field is always evolving and…show more content…
Research provides a foundation of evidence for future behavioral observations and analysis’. In clinical psychology, research serves as a guide to psychologists to formulate and test new ideas and practices. Research can also provide background information so that the doctor can make any necessary connections to other branches of psychology, if needed. Clinical psychologists use basic research as well as applied research to answer and understand any questions in regard to behavioral functions and disorders in humans. The more thorough and accurate the research is, the better the treatment and results will be, and as Witmer said, the ultimate goal of psychology is to help advance the human race. By using statistics and research, psychologists are able to effectively evaluate given situations and react accordingly. Therefore, research and statistics are absolutely vital in this branch of psychology, to ensure that patients are receiving up-to-date and accurate treatments that will provide the best results. Research is what makes clinical psychology clinical in its nature.
There are various differences between clinical psychology and other psychological professors, some subtle and others more obvious. All mental health providers are not one in the same, as they have different methods for treating their patients/clients. Counselors, psychiatrists,
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