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The career field I picked was Child Psychology. Child psychology is the study of how children act and behave. In general, a childhood psychologist might work with children and their primary caregivers in order to research, assess, and possibly treat developmental issues. Depending on his preferred area of study, a child psychologist will often work with all sorts of children. Not every child that a child psychologist works with is considered to be abnormal. A child psychologist might work with so-called "normal" children for several reasons. The graduate program I picked was at Montclair State University. The degree that I would be pursuing is Masters in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Child/Adolescent Psychology ("Admissions - Montclair State University", 2017). I will further my education and eventually get my PhD in Child Psychology. In order to get my PhD, I first have to finish my bachelor’s and master’s programs. There are 36 credits at Montclair University’s Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Child/Adolescent Psychology. The class that I would have to take would be Multicultural Psychology, Research Methods, Developmental Psychology, Developmental…show more content…
To practice psychology, you need to become licensed through your state's licensing board. You will need to complete 2 years of supervised professional experience. This equates to 3500 hours of experience under the direction of a Psychologist who is licensed in the state of New Jersey. (,2017). Then, one must obtain a doctoral degree in psychology, Accrue supervised hours, ranging from 1,500 to 6,000 hours, depending on the state, pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP)., and then receive approval by a state licensing board that requirements have been met. (,

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