Why Study Psychology Essay

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To what extent if any has your knowledge of psychology helped you to understand other people and grow as a person?
Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior and translates as science of the soul. It is the study of human behavior and deals with how we think, feel, and act. Some areas of psychology are clinical, industrial, physiological, experimental, personality, social, and developmental. Psychologists can work in hospitals, schools, rehabilitation facilities, in public and private clinics or in the research field. They usually treat persons with mental and emotional disorders, so one may ask; why bother with psychology if you do not want to actually work as a psychologist? Even though it happens that i do want to study psychology, this year that i was introduced to it,i discovered that even if i wanted to study something entirely different, psychology would still be useful to me. So when studying psychology, you learn about human nature. This means that psychology actually has impact on every aspect in life. It helps see through the motives other people too have more importantly, it will help you to understand your own motives better. As a result
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For instance, i had bad habits, like not sleeping enough or planning terribly my studying for an exam and also high anxiety. Especially nowdays,stress is apparent in our everyday lives. It can come down hard on us sometimes, or not so bad. Psychology explains us why stress happens or how to handle it. When it comes to me, cannot say i am not stressed anymore since i started studying psychology. But i can say that i am now familiar with what it really is and know how to handle it, for example with breathing exercises. I have understood why too much stress can harm, the different types of stress, and i can say for sure that before i got to have a taste of this study it was a lot harder to understand these
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