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Why Psychology is the best Major Psychology as a major is so vast that it contains many different groups within; Neuropsychology, Clinical, Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic, Counseling, Social, School, Child Development and many much more. When majoring in psychology graduates have more work opportunities, because of the vast number of jobs you can go into. Furthermore, according to a review done by a Psychology Expert, Kendra Cherry average income is $47/hr- $29/hr depending on what field you go into. Although the money is good, as a psychologist, you are not only helping a patient mentally but also physically, therefore, making this the best major to have a degree in. Definition Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Psychology as “The study of mental…show more content…
And as a researcher, you try and find the correlation and causation. Because of a few men in the past; Wihelm Wundt, Sigmund Freud and Hugo Munsterberg, their contributions are what got us here today in modern psychology. Although there are still some areas in the brain that remain unknown, the help of Wihlem Wundt who is known to have had the first experimental lab dedicated to psychology. He created this lab to study human behavior by using scientific methods. By doing so, the brain is not seen a mysterious confounding organ, and now today it is growing field that yields plenty of results, that future researchers can build upon. Then there is Sigmund Freud, who established now what we call now psychoanalysis. This perspective is a therapeutic technique which helps to understand the root meaning behind the action of an individual, and how to overcome that obstacle. Hugo Munsterberg, the main starter in what is today applied psychology and also forensic psychology. His work tested the validity of eye witnesses. Due to his experiments we know that witnesses cannot be reliable, due to biases, environmental and mental/ physical health
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