Child Protective Services And Children Essay

Child Protective Services And Children Essay

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Ebony desired for Kenya to continue conveying her foster care experience. Okay Ebony, they sent me back to live with my family. My father was clean for a while. Everything was great! Then he got sick and we had no income. My mother was one of those pretty girls with great looks, but no education. She aspired to marry a man with money. My father never thought about the future. If he did, he would have married someone who could provide for us in a time of need. Her beauty took her as far as it could go, so when my father took ill, there was no money saved, and we started going from place to place. We slept in the car, but visited with daddy every day. Someone at the hospital realized that we were sleeping in our car, and bathing and changing at the hospital. They called Child Protective Services. Long and short, I was sent back to foster care. I was only nine years old. I did not see Sahara, but several months later, she came to my school. I had gotten into a fight, the teacher sent me to the principal office, and she was in the office. Ebony wanted to know why Sahara was in foster care and Kenya said I do not know, you will have to ask her that when she awakes.
Anyway, (Kenya continues) we (Sahara and I) clicked again. Mahogany said, wow, she was in foster care, too! Yeah, in fact, she was in there since she was four years old. Only this time, she was in another group home. I was in private placement. One day, she ran away and came to my placement. I let her enter through the window. I told my foster mother that she was with us and she called CPS. They said she could remain until they sent a caseworker. Well, the caseworker never came. Therefore, my foster mother went to CPS office and s...

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...xism is real, but compliancy is also real. I still do not know why all of this is important Ebony because God knows what he is doing. Ebony said, you are right Mahogany and He wants us to know what we are doing, too. We cannot continue to hide behind religion, tradition and spirituality.
Furthermore, everything that I said is important in understanding why Sahara went to foster care. It is important, Ebony exclaimed, because a close family member sexually abused Sahara as a child and that is why she was in foster care. Then, while in CPS custody, the abuse continued and no one watched over her. She suffered at the hands of the community and no one came to her rescue. The point that I was trying to make is that we just do not care anymore. Our MVR and not our motor vehicle report was our driving force as a community. We have lost our morals, values and respect.

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