Captain Picard as A Noble Warrior

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Captain Picard as A Noble Warrior

Captain Picard is a good leader because of his ability to think clearly and objectively in all situations. He does not have pride blocking his ability to think rationally and see all sides of an issue. Also, he is not easily swayed by his emotions and does not allow them to cloud his judgment. Picard's ability to act quickly leads to effective delegating and exemplary leadership.

A good leader is one who brings out the best in his people while being a servant to them. Pride often seems to come between a leader and his decisions. Picard never makes mention of what would be best for him, but instead is always thinking about his crew and what is in their best interest. In "The Defector" he repeatedly make comments to his desire for his crew to have a noble and honorable cause for war. He does not want their deaths to be in vain. As Henry V acted compassionately towards his men, Picard too wants to display the same sensitivity Henry did when his men were about to enter battle. Picard wants to know how his crew is feeling and what their needs might be. Picard and Henry are good leaders because they continue to look past their own wants and onto their troops needs. In the Henry V scene, Data is playing the role of King Henry. While Henry is undercover, he is quoted as saying, "The King is but a mere man". He is mortal just like his men. Picard is able to clearly see the King's internal struggle with allowing himself to get close to his men while not weakening his position as their leader. Captain Picard knows his limits and is not ashamed or to proud to admit them, he just does not want to appear incapable to his men. He must be remain an assertive leader, while allowing himself to be human and approachable. Picard is constantly having his crew involved and helping him make a good clear judgment about Jarok. This shows he is not over confident in his leadership position.

"Picard is supposed to be calm and calculating because well, he's the captain. If he bought everyone's emotional appeal he wouldn't be a very good leader" (Reyer Jan 30, 1996). Picard knows how to balance his gut feeling with the facts. As Visor pointed out, we do not always have all the facts, and this is where your "gut feeling" must come in, to fill in the missing details.

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Picard listens carefully to all the facts and continues to research as much as he can on the issue. He doesn't let one side determine his final word. The Captain listens to Admiral Jarok's last plea and does not allow his heart to interfere with his good judgment. Picard in turn takes advantage of Jarok's vulnerability and gets him to confess the secrets he has been hiding from the Federation. Picard is able to test the territory and see if Jarok is telling the truth or if he is a spy. Using all available resources, Picard is wise to ask the Klingons for back up in this risky situation. He know that he cannot be sure of anything until he sees concrete evidence. He is always covering all possible obstacles.

Picard is not a passive leader. From the beginning of the episode we are able to see that he acts immediately to the ships danger. He is quick to delegate responsibility to his crew and make sure that everything is being done to take precautions to keep the ship safe. He allows his crew to contact him at any time no matter the situation he is involved. At the start of "The Defector" Picard is giving Data a lesson on being more human, and is unfortunately interrupted by headquarters. He immediately drops what he is doing in order to start immediate action on the problem at hand. Also because of Picard's ability to act quickly, he displays a strong and confident character to his crew. A bad leader would allow his expressions and actions to display his fears, but Picard continually remains rational and dignified.

Some might say that Picard was to soft on Jarok; he did not interrogate him properly. A good leader listens to the suspect and hears what the suspect is not saying. Picard is able to discern truth and lies by Jarok voice, action and attitude. There is no need to use pain or manipulation to get Jarok to talk. Picard knows that if Jarok is telling the truth he will reveal everything he can at the last minute if Picard is not responding to his admonitions.

Captain Picard is able to display all characteristics of a good leader during the crisis with the Romulans. He act swiftly, cautiously and wisely. Without his stable character and demeanor, the crew would not be acting as rationally and carefully as they do. Even his presence in a room and the authoritative sound of his voice command respect. "Picard is always testing his crew by allowing them to give their own views of the situation" (Miller Jan 30, 1996). Picard's leadership give confidence to the crew and allows them to do their jobs efficiently. The final consequences of Picard's gift of leadership lead to a safe and happy conclusion.

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