Business / Management Journals Focused On The Principle Qualitative Research Methods

Business / Management Journals Focused On The Principle Qualitative Research Methods

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Introduction - This paper provides a review of five articles from business/management journals focused on the principle qualitative research methods. For each article review a brief description, guided by Myers (2013), and a critique, guided Pratt (2009), is provided. Table 1 provides a summary of the five articles identifying the research method, data collection technique, data analysis approach and key. The narrative descriptive review of each article coupled with figure and tables to organize and visualize thoughts (Pratt, 2009) follows the summary table.
1. Journal Article - Reference - Diamond, N., Sherry Jr, J. F., Muñiz Jr, A. M., McGrath, M. A., Kozinets, R. V., & Borghini, S. (2009). American Girl and the brand gestalt: Closing the loop on sociocultural branding research. Journal of Marketing, 73(3), 118-134.

1a. Description - The goal of the research was to gain comprehensive and holistic understanding of the sources and meanings of social cultural branding through ethnographic exploration of the American Girl brand (Diamond et al., 2009). The approach used for each of the building blocks in qualitative research design model (Myers, 2013) for the American Girl brand (Diamond et al., 2009) article is shown in Figure 1.

The underlying philosophical paradigm used by Diamond et al. (2009) in the American Girl article is interpretivist research. He does not predefine variables (Myers, 2013) to explain the American Girl brand, but uses social activities, costs, facts, images, meanings and differences (Kozinets, 2001) to make sense of the American Girl phenomenon. To gain an in-depth understanding and broader context (Myers, 2013) of the multi-ethic, multi-generational and multi-national (Diamond et al., 2009) nature of the ...

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...s Paths
Lack of balance between theory and data √
Making qualitative research appear quantitative √
Table 3 - Adapted from Pratt (2009)
Secondly, Dupagne and Garrison (2006) provide three research questions in the introduction and then provide a detailed test of the research questions in the findings similar to identify and testing hypothesis in a quantitative study. The article clearly uses a qualitative strategy with quantitative tactics (Pratt, 2009). The dichotomy makes is difficult for the reader to realize the researchers objective for the study. The meaning and influence of medial convergence (Dupagne & Garrison, 2006) articles does provide a very practical model of media converge and meaningful avenues for future qualitative research. The articles does wonder down perilous paths (Pratt, 2009) as highlighted by the checkmarks next to the attributes in Table 3.

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