Essay on Business Administration Is My Future

Essay on Business Administration Is My Future

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Grant Sunahara
Mr. Williams
23 September 2016
My Future
Business Administration is my future, down the road I see myself working in a max business place, working as the administrator in the floor department in the company 's main complex. Working my 40 hour weeks, managing, hiring, and firing people as they come and go. All considering I support my family in the end.

For me to get my college education, major, get my degree and have my learning education to be an administrator in business, maybe even be a manager, I’ll need my basic education requirements in Fresno State University. Fresno State requires 48 Units to be able to learn in business and I have to get at least C’s in the education, if I pass I’ll be placed in Pre-Business. In Pre-Business, I’ll have to take ACCT 4A, 4B; BA 18; DS 71, 73; ECON 40 or AGBS 1; ECON 50 which should give the 16 units to pass Pre-Business classes. Business also requires ENTR 81, 151, 153, 157, 165; HRM 152, 153, 154. These are all the requirements for business majoring at Fresno State listed on education information for a total of 120 credits (Business). Education cost comes in handy if I haven’t decided where I want to go because Jr. colleges usually run around 3,500 - 9,000 dollars a year which also depends on how long / how high of a business education I pursue, stated by US College it’s a better choice to go to a public school versus a private ran or accepted college. If I choose to move on a higher education it’ll start to cost more going going for a bachelor degree at a private school can start to cost me from 8,000 to 20,000 a year (State). Public Schools being an option, Fresno State is a viable option that I would enjoy going to costing me around the range listed earlier a...

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