The Effects of the Economy On Business Administration

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The Effects of the Economy On Business Administration

The career I choose to pursue is the career of Business Administration. This career consists of running a small or big business and being able to run it and be capable of making small or very important decisions. A business runs and depends on the people and how people spend their money. If people spend their money responsibly and they know how to administrate their money and will make the economy to be stable and be good. As we all know, the economy has been really bad for the past year and it has made millions of people loose their homes and their jobs. The economy is a big factor in this career and it could be a huge problem that can be faced for a long period of time and more than once.

It had been very difficult to start out in the world of Business Administration as a student during this rough economic time. Many students have had a difficult time getting involved in the business world due to the low demand in jobs and internships. This is a big issue because it does not allow students to understand the real conflicts and agreements that have to be made day by day in the business world. Another thing is that it also limits their views to understand this same world.

In December 2007 The National Bureau of Economic Research (CNN) said that the United States of America had fallen into a recession. The recession meant that people were loosing jobs and that people were spending too much money and even money that they did not have. A major reason that the United States fell into the recession was because banks and private businesses were giving credit to people who could not afford to pay back or had a bad credit to begin with. This was a major problem to all types of busin...

... middle of paper ... are a great way to start out a internship in a Business Administration career because they hire people from the community and people that are not required to earn a high payment as a beginning salary and people who want to learn about the business. At some internship interns do not get paid for the hours they worked because to graduate it’s a requirement and you need them to learn and get a better feeling about the job.

As you can see there are many problems that affect the career of my choice. The economy is something that we have to live with and cannot live without it. The economy is the basic fundamentals of this career and the soul of the world. Business Administration is a very interesting career to study because it is never stable and it is never the same thing over and over again. The economy changes day-to-day and so do people and their style of living.
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