A Career As An Administrative Assistant

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I am currently looking for work as an Administrative Assistant with the goal of becoming a Business Administrator or General Manager in the future. I have been in the workforce for a couple of decades now and have had the opportunity to experience many different career paths. Administrative Assistants have a broad range of duties that I think would utilize and hone my existing skills as well as offer me insight into how different departments function; this combined with my work history would make me a great future manager. I would like to get an Administrative position at a company where I can learn about the various responsibilities that are carried out in different areas i.e. HR, and accounting. I have worked in social services, manufacturing,…show more content…
Ultimately I want to run a renovation business from my home with my husband. I already have general knowledge of the construction industry and believe that if I can secure employment at a construction company within five years I can learn enough about the various components of administration that I can take care of the paperwork that my husband hates, while he takes care of the construction that he loves. I am controlled in stressful situations, am always planning ahead and quick with decisions. My experience working in so many different fields has given me great communication skills, especially in regards to understanding my audience; which from a negotiation and management standpoint is invaluable. Having the opportunity to work in administration will broaden my knowledge/experience base. If I am fortunate enough to do so in a construction setting that would be the best experience for me to acquire, as it is directly tied to my ultimate goal of managing a home renovation business with my husband. Regardless of whether I obtain more experience in construction administration or not, I have every intention of managing a business with my husband in five years’ time. Five years gives us time to hone our skills and build up the business enough to make it a full-time job for both of

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