The Hardship of Going to College

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Hardships of College
Going to college will be the best time of people’s lives, but getting into college just might be the worst. These topics being discussed are good to talk about for upcoming college kids to help them get through this troubling time and inform them that they have options. Getting into college is so difficult due to the high costs of tuition, selectiveness of the college, and also just finding the best fit college for incoming freshmen.
Finding a college that is in the right price range can be very difficult, due to high tuitions, but financial aid services can be a great help to the families. Tuitions of colleges differ from public universities to private universities. According to Average College Costs The Chronicle of Higher Education, “since tuitions of public four year colleges have increased, attending one as an in-state student costs about half of what it would cost to attend a private college” (Chronicle). Over the six years that USA Today has published Princeton Review’s 150 Best Colleges, 219 colleges have appeared on the full list at least once, and 41 have ranked among the top 10 public or private universities. From Princeton Review’s 150 Best Value Colleges, the list of top value colleges is as follows: “Public Top 10: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, New College of Florida Sarasota, University of Virginia Charlottesville, North Carolina State University Raleigh, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of California Los Angeles, University of Florida Gainesville, College of William & Mary in Williamsburg Virginia, Truman State University of Kirksville Missouri, and State University of New York Binghamton” (Princeton Review). Private Top 10: Williams College Williamstown Massachusetts...

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