Business Administration At The University Of Florida Essay

Business Administration At The University Of Florida Essay

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1. I am currently studying Business Administration at the University of Florida because I have always had an interest in the various fields of Business. I plan to specialize in mass communications and minor in Spanish to expand my knowledge of professional language as well as learn another language to further my communication ability. I have always loved writing and different business fields like marketing and economics and I hope to incorporate these passions here at UF to eventually find a career which best suits me. I enjoy public relations and journalism as well but I also want to pursue a business degree to be well suited for any career path.2. Five years from now I see myself working at a marketing or public relations firm in New York City or Miami. I hope to live and work in a big city when I graduate, and after I obtain my masters degree I wish to find a well paying job working in a business like setting, where I communicate and share information with the public. This is personally fulfilling because I am most happy in a busy atmosphere around like minded people with similar goals. Working in a marketing or public relations firm I know that I would enjoy my work everyday as opposed to working just for financial reasons
3. In order to successfully live in New York City or Miami with a public relations or marketing firm I first need to experience more hands on type of work with an actual firm. I plan to intern next summer in New York City at a public relations or marketing firm and shadow professionals in this industry. I also need to get a masters degree in order to stand out amongst my competitors since this is a very competitive industry. I also plan on networking more in order to make the most connections and meet the ri...

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...rket myself in the best possible way to Winston Staffing. In my second resume, I catered myself to Plato Group to obtain the marketing representative position. I made my resume correspond to my cover letter in order for the employer at Plato Group to be able to easily follow my resume and be familiar with the experiences I am listing. Although Plato Group was asking for a marketing representative, further into the job description it asked for someone with sales and business management skills which is why I listed my experience as a sales associate and my experience with my marketing and buying internships. Plato Group was looking for entry sales and marketing experience which is why I listed my internships as part as my resume. I included my experience with the Florida Leadership Academy because Plato Group was looking for someone with business development experience.

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