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Finding a career that is adequate for me in life can be a difficult challenge. Since I was a little my dream job was to continue the family business back home in Ohio. Many people choose their degrees because they do not know what they want. I am very sure that the degree that I have chosen is the right one for me, which is Business and Administration. I am now attending County Community College and I wish to end my Associate Degree here in two years. After I achieve my A.A. degree at County Community College, I want to transfer to University Of Central Florida to finish my Bachelors Degree. In this paper, I will discuss the overview of my selected four-year School, the university major requirements, the transfer preparations, the career I will pursue after graduation and the interview. University of Central Florida (UCF) is a public university located in Orlando. UCF currently offers 212-degree programs. UCF has an estimated of 51,269 undergraduates and it has roughly about 1,849 faculty members. In addition, UCF also offers housing that includes on campus residence for both men and women. UCF has five aspects that interest me to attend this school. The first aspect is that the university offers a good program for business seeking degree students. The second aspect is that the university offers programs in different locations in Orlando. The third aspect is that the university has a good athletics system, which has many activities for students to participate in. Another aspect is that the university offers housing for students. The last aspect is that UCF offers transportation services on campus for students that do not own a car or other types of transportation. The business administration degree focuses on business man... ... middle of paper ... ..."Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 19 Mar. 2014 . "Undergraduate Admissions." Undergraduate Admissions. 18 Mar. 2014 . "University of Central Florida." Petersons's. 18 Mar. 2014 . "About UCF." University of Central Florida. 19 Mar. 2014 . "Degree Programs." » Undergraduate Catalog » UCF. Business and Administration Catalog. 20 Mar. 2014 . "Business Administration." 21 Mar. 2014 . Malmberg,Ricardo. “Interview.” Email and Telephone. 21 Mar 2014.

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