Bullying and Mass School Shootings Essay

Bullying and Mass School Shootings Essay

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Cho poked his head in the room a couple of times and looked around before exiting and entering a different room. The first shots were heard across the hall, in the hydrology class. It sounded like a nail gun or hammer hitting concrete blocks.
Suddenly one could hear a pin drop. Abruptly the classroom door burst open and Cho walked in and raised a Glock 9mm handgun. (Friedman)
“Once I got teased, I could see where the anger came from and what can make someone want to kill,” said Stefan Barone, a fourteen year old. (ABC News) The anger and depression is overwhelming and hard to control. There is no doubt that bullying cause’s suicide, and those bullied often commit acts of violence against others.
The mental state of mind one reaches when it involves killing another human being is inconceivable. Some claim there’s a choice to kill or not to kill, or to commit suicide or to live and face the consequences for the killings. This isn’t true, once this point has been reached one is no longer in control, it is as if someone else has tied puppet strings to your limbs and you are now transformed into a killer. The stage has already been set and there is little hope to cancel the play and walk away from the final act. Only the help of others and a long-term safety net can help at this point.
Imagine turning into someone unrecognizable and watching as your life rips apart, a life that you worked so hard for, because all hope is lost. You have hit the bottom of “the well of life”, and deep inside this “well of life” you understand it’s all because of students.
School shootings and suicides result from continuous bullying. As a result, after time some side effects of...

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