Black Men And Women Should Be Treated With Equal Dignity Essay

Black Men And Women Should Be Treated With Equal Dignity Essay

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Problem statement.
The underlying problem at the event that took place tagged Black Lives Matter at ETSU is one that is a result of societal influence that has helped fueled the animosity towards people of color.
The societal issue: It has been a global issue that people of color are seen as aliens and one cannot help but wonder who exactly will answer the question of who has the right to what. There have been various protests like this all over the world. Black lives matter is a peaceful movement of people who are not saying that only their lives matters, but also reminding a nation that it is still burdened by the memory of slavery, Jim Crow and the continuous reality of ever growing discrimination. Black men and women should be treated with equal dignity as an American life, law enforcement inclusive. This movement have seen a lot of horrors as there is white supremacy in America, this has every black person shrinking at the thought of meeting another person with white skin. Most cases of harassment by the public have always been swept under the rug or have been greeted by the “blue wall of silence.” Whether it is right or wrong, I don’t believe any person has the right over the soul of another person. There have been various versions of Black Lives Matter around the world and ETSU’s recent protest is just one out of so many that have been held. This has also caused people from other races to treat their white counterparts as enemies. Society has become a game of cat and mouse (white against black, black against white). Blacks have used this to take laws into their own hands and act lawlessly and sometimes brutally against whites. Power distance has always been in display in the country where the citizens have greater power a...

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...op of the list for the ETSU community. When students go through this process it helps them in letting go of the wrong societal believes and help them to get familiar with the new standards and values
of the community of ETSU There is a popular quote which says “where there is no law, there is no sin “this saying is true in the society we live in, when there are rules to be followed, checks and balances in place then we spend little time in correcting offenders because we will have but a little group to deal with, therefore l believe in establishing policies against violence especially on ETSU campus. The school management should look into making memories by celebrating the uniqueness of every student by the yearly celebration, when this is done, each and every student will learn how to accept one another and carry this mentality into the societies around the world.

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