Analysis Of Claudia Rankine's Citizen-An American Lyric

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In the book, “Citizen - An American Lyric” by Claudia Rankine wrote about racial prejudice that the black body has been facing due to stereotyping. In the book, Rankine said the blacks are being judged by the color of their skin and not viewed as equal to their white counterpart. Rankine then backed up her claims by using descriptive imagery to create pictures in our mind as well as evoking feelings by citing various incidents to illustrate how black persons are still being discriminated against and wrongly perceived in the society we’re living in today. The purpose of Rankine’s use of her descriptive imagery is an attempt to capitalize on all of a reader 's senses and build them into something vivid and real in the reader 's mind that some…show more content…
One of the vehicles represents the identity of “self self” (Rankine 14). This vehicle represents who we truly are. It represents our personal beliefs, how others view us, and how we view ourselves. Another vehicle is the “historical self” (Rankine 14). According to my understanding, it pertains to our past personal experience or history dealing with someone of different race' class='brand-secondary'>race or skin color. I think Rankine implied when two people of different racial makeup share a common interest, the difference in skin color is not a factor. However, when a disagreement arises between two persons, the skin color may come into play because one side may overlook the fact and blame the other person’s skin color for their…show more content…
Racism is still prevalent as it has been demonstrated by Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers being called a traitor and other derogatory names for protesting the national anthem by choosing to take a knee when it’s playing. Oftentimes, black bodies feel oppressed and often view themselves being targets of police brutality and injustice which are sensationalized by the social media and thus, they protest. A movement called Black Lives Matter has emerged and been brought to the attention of the whole world. People of color want the freedom to excel without oppressions let alone, to be treated equally based on personal merits regardless of the color of their skin. The majority of American realizes it, is very concerned about it, and wants to do something about it. As a member of this group, Rankine took action by delivering this

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